High Complexity Clinical Laboratory focused on innovative clinical and technology solutions to guide us through a global pandemic.


With over 20 years of clinical laboratory experience, the founders of formula diagnostics have spent a career understanding and learning laboratory science. With a passion for wellness and technology innovation in healthcare, Formula Diagnostics was born. 

FormulaDX focuses on 4 pillars as our core business principles. Science, Innovation, Integrity and Compliance. We want to make sure our clients and patients have the best science and most innovative technology available when it comes to laboratory testing while maintaining all integrity and compliance in a forever changing healthcare landscape. 

We want you to know you can trust us when it comes to the information we provide and that we have a team of professionals that care about your patients like they were our own family.



Innovative TEsting Solutions
in a Global pandemic.

How it Works

Formula Diagnostics specializes in creating COVID-19 testing programs for all types of medical providers, businesses, schools and events. However big or small, whatever your needs are, we will work with you to build you the best testing experience.

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1. fill out our new client form

Start by filling out our new client form so we can start to create a profile for you. 


2. review your testing needs

Work with our team to review your testing needs and let us  explain our testing capabilities and regulations.

3 . create a program for you

Based on your needs, we will help you create an onsite or offsite testing program to safety get life back to normal. 

Ready for more info?

Our Software

HIPAA Compliant

Full API Integration Capabilities

Real - Time Results and Analytics

Patient and Client Portals

We have designed all in one tech solution for the complex needs of the covid-19 testing industry.

Our software features

Client Portal

Patient Portal

changing the
future together

Together, we can get back to normal. Our focus is on the capabilities to keep people safe and healthy in their environments so we can continue to move forward with our lives.

Fields of expertise

Clinical Validations

Validation and method studies on test performance and clinical sensitivity and specificity. 

Laboratory Services

Best in class laboratory testing for all types of testing. We have also validated for lots of rapid testing for COVID-19. 


Innovative technology to improve patient outcomes and ensure compliance with state and local regulations.

Medical Consulting

Using our medical team, we consult on the best testing programs for each group.

On Site Testing Programs

Technology, logistics, compliance, and results to help provide healthy schools, workplaces, events, and more.

Regulatory Compliance

Work with state and local regulators to ensure compliance with all mandates with our testing and programs. 

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Offering on site or drive thru testing as well as concierge testing services. Click on the city closest to you to see options. If you do not see a city close to you fill out the form below – we have concierge nurses across the country that could come test you

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